Saturday, October 19, 2019
Over Ten Thousand People Sue Government Over 1986-War Losses

At least 10,805 people from various districts have dragged government to court for compensation for the losses they suffered during the I986 political Insurgency.   

The affected are from Nakasongola, Buyende, Masindi, Kiryandongo and Kayunga districts particularly. They are seeking compensation of up to Shillings 25 billion as compensation of damages during the war that ushered in the ruling National Resistance Movement government.   

The lead petitioners are John Kitaka, James Galimaka, Henry Matovu, Byegumye Fred Batumbya and Wandira James Muruli. Nyombi and Company Advocates represent them. 

They contend that during the 1986-1987 war, they owned livestock including sheep, goats, cattle and property that were destroyed during the insurgency. They also contend that they were displaced from their homes.

They argue that the government failed in its duty by not compensating them like people affected by the war in other regions. They also observe that they have brought the suit to court 33 years later because the government’s repeated promises to compensate them through their representatives in vain.

The petitioners say they have been deprived of their property, livelihood and development due to government’s failure to compensate them. They also claim that they have continued to wallow in total poverty and untold suffering hence pushing for compensation.

Between 100,000 and 500,000 people including combatants and civilians are estimated to have lost their lives and thousands displaced from their homes.

image credit: crisis group

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