Thursday, June 20, 2019
A man killed over Invading a family to steal money obtained from selling a plot of land.

Residents of Kapeke village Nama Sub County in Mukono district lost temper and beat to death a man who invaded a resident targeting the man paid off after a plot sale.

Mustaffa Kimbowa who was killed after evading Kyam’s home resided in the neighbouring village of Nakapionyi in the same division.

According to the couple, after the robber putting a bennet on the lady’s throat, she made an alarm that called the residents to attend, hence coming in and lynching he thief.

Ronald Mulumba the area chairperson narrated that the thief waited until the couple was asleep before he could execute his plot, in the same way, he urged the security officer to tighten the security.

The residents, who are living in terror, revealed that they are always robbed in broad daylight and appealed for more security.

Capt. Mukas the head of LDUs in this area, urged people to refrain from mob justice.

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