Thursday, June 20, 2019
Armed Robbers Shoots A Police During An Operation

The residents of Masanafu Kinonya zone woke up to gun sound as the police tried to apprehend robbers residing in this area, however, one of the officers was shot, which led senior police officers to invade the scene for diligent search.

It is supposed that the police after receiving intelligence of armed robbers residing in this; police were deployed to arrest the suspects.

On reaching the premises police officers positioned themselves and knocked on the gate, all over sudden a man appeared with a gun at the top of the wall fence shooting twice in the air.

Dr Suleiman Lubega is the landlord and the robbers had only been residents for two weeks.

The robbers shot one of the police officers in the foot and escaped, however, the police was able to apprehend his colleague. In addition, the police did a searched the house and discovered weapons such as a gun, bullets, hammer and many others.

Later on, the police did a manhunt of the robber only to find a gun that he had dropped on his escape, according to Kasule Godfrey the area security officer.

The police went on with the manhunt of the robber on the run, entering the guesthouse with hopes of tracking him down but all in vain though the one suspect was captured from the same place for further investigation.

Luke Owoyesigire the assistant spokesperson Kampala metropolitan police confirmed the report that the police carried out an operation during which one of the officers was shot, however, the police captured weapons and tools used by robbers. Oyesigire further urged the landlords always to be kin on the tenants renting their properties.

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