Saturday, October 19, 2019
Massacres Slaughter A Girls In Bloody Attack At City Lodge

The bijambiya masccares attacked dembe lyo guesthouse in Kawempe Kirokole zone severely cut Bagonza Mercy who was a worker at the guesthouse and took Shs150000 thinking that she was dead. Bongoza mercy was cut severely and left for dead lying on the floor in her blood. According to Ann Biira coworker, the criminals slashed Bagonza when she moved out to pee.

Residents led by Joseph Kibuga the chairperson expressed their concerns and fears about the act.

Naluwooza the area councillor as has advised the landlords of the premises to tighten the security of the place and further advised the residents not to oversleep but to be vigilant.

Bangoza the massacre victim and survivor who was bleeding & hurting, was rushed to hospital where she is receiving medical attention

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