Thursday, June 20, 2019
Market Turns into a Garbage heap in Mbale Municipality, Residents Cry Out

At a glance in Mbale town, you may think that it has been restored to its glory of being clean, because the main streets shine and the town is very clean, it is not a secret that Mbale is a clean town. But when you move just some 500 meters away from the centre towards Kumi road market is where you find out that Mbale has a long way to go, because here you see piles and heaps of garbage which have become renown feature 'tourist attraction' as the traders in this Kumi road market call it.

The vendors say that they do pay levies every day but nothing is done on the waste and it over a year since garbage was last collected from the market, they added that many have fallen sick as a result.

One of the ladies in this market names concealed said Mbale should be given a city so as to in order to eliminate such problems because through this Mbale leaders will get serious on the matters of cleaning the town.

Robert Wetaka a mobiliser in the market says that the people have attacked him many times in his office to seek explanations as to why the rubbish is not collected and yet they are levied every day but has no answers.

Steven Woburia the vice chairperson of this market says that they have written letters to the mayor’s office at Mable municipal council but they get only promises, he is now appealing for the leaders to have mercy on them and collect this garage otherwise the situation is out of control.

We managed to catch up with deputy mayor of Mbale Harriet Nakayeze, who admitted that it is true they do have a garbage problem in Mbale town just because there has been an ongoing court case which suspended taxing.

But she promised that they have won the case in court and by next month Mbale will be clean again.


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