Sunday, October 13, 2019
Property Tax Choking Poor Residents

Ever since the KCCA set property tax, many city dwellers have continued to complain that the tax was unfairly set. It is absurd that when KCCA was setting the tax, they didn't consider the income of the residents, there homes like this one in Kyebando Nsoba zone in Kawempe division which is levied 130000 per annum, despite the terrible state which the house is in.

Besides worrying about the KCCA property tax and the poor state of the house where  Kiribbedda stays, he also has a problem of his 26-year-old who contracted a strange disease that has left him impoverished.

Musis George William who was born in 1993 became at 8 years of age when he was still in primary 3, he has been sick now for 18 years and he is in a terrible state. The area Councilor Walakira was distressed over the KCCA taxing houses in such a state in he said that it is indeed unfair because such s house does not generate income.

Kirabira Sarah a neighbour, expressed concern over the disease that has for 18 years tormented Musis, though he said that there is hope God will one day heal him.

Despite staying close to Mulago hospital where they trek for medical assistance, the parents day that they have not ben able to acquire medication to cure their child.

Namutebi Christine the mother of Musis the patient with great sorrow recounted how she has struggled to take care of her child for 18 years but she says that now she is ready to give up and it now only God who can save the situation.


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