Saturday, October 19, 2019
Police in Lunimo town council Busia district has arrested 18-year-old student of Lumino high school, senior four candidates on the ground of committing criminal Abortion, through illegal abortion of 6-month fetus and after throwing in the toilet. The suspected Tibiwa Esther who was renting in Lumino trading centre is said to have been pregnant for 6 months without the consent of the parents  and opted to flash out the fetus illegally
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Despite the fact that we need advancement in technology due to the endless benefits, it always comes with adverse effects. Among the common infrastructures that act as communication backbone are the masts that are planted in various areas to enhance the network.

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A patient, who had been admitted at Kiruddu Hospital in Makindye, has committed suicide. Deputy Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire, said Faustine Musinzi, from Gomba District, jumped from the eighth floor and fell on the concrete dying instantly.

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President, Yoweri Museveni and his Kenyan counterpart, Uhuru Kenyatta have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on a joint cross-border integrated programme for sustainable peace and social-economic transformation for Turkana, West Pokot and Karamoja.  

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The residents of Kibwa Nabweru north II have appealed to the police work upon the increasing criminality since the criminals have started to strike in the broad daylight. This came about after the ten-year-old child was abducted when she had gone o fetch water at the wellspring.

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The Specialized Fistula hospital in Soroti district is chocking with high power bills. The Shillings 4.7 billion hospitals is found in Awasi village in Arapai Sub-county in Soroti district.

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As the hearts of many Ugandans are still filled with fear and anxiety due to rampant kidnaps and murders, a couple in Makerere zone IV are in fear after their daughter went missing. The disappearance of Tendo joy who has been missing for two weeks left the heart of her father Zironda Suubi greatly distressed.

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The NRM party supporters vowed to fighter the legislators on the human rights committee who are tarnishing the government in the name seeking out safe houses or torture chambers. Rashid Kawasa led group, urged the legislators to give to the security organs to carry out their duties since the former does not interfere with the parliament proceedings.

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Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has issued a warning to Ishma Mafabi, the Eastern Youth MP over perpetual absenteeism from parliament.

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Medical bills of the fallen the Rwenzururu Kingdom Queen Mother Nyamukama Ms Christine Biira Mukirania are yet to be cleared.

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Local News


Kawempe Hospital Turned Conmen’s Haven

The patients in the Kawempe national referral hospital are in a panic because of the fraudsters that pause as specialists and doctors ready to offer medical assistance to them only...

By Kyambadde Lawrence & Wandulu bonny - Oct.19


Man Mercilessly Slaughters Brother, Cop and Others

A man who comes paid a visit to his brother a day before attacked his brother the host beheaded him, cut off his hand and feet leaving him dead. The...

By Salt Media - Oct.18


LDU Shot Over Theft in Kasese

A Local Defence Unit(LDU) was yesterday confirmed to have been shot dead by police when he was suspected by locals to be a thief.

By Tumusiime Jerad - Oct.18


City Fraudsters Grab Over 50 million

Finally, the mega police station near the old tax park has arrested fraudsters that have been following up for 5 months over stealing money.

By Kyambadde Lawrence & Kayanja Amon - Oct.18