Saturday, October 19, 2019
 Minister of Finance Tasked to Explain the Central Bank Saga

Parliament has tasked Bahati the minister of finance to explain to the nation what exactly happened. This came about after Fred Enanga the police spokesperson and Ofwono Opondo the government spokesperson contradicted each other on the matter of the contents the were smuggled in with the bank of Uganda consignment. The governor bank of Uganda Mutebire who at first confessed that extra money had been printed & smuggled in, though yesterday comes out and denied having any knowledge about the contents in the boxes.

On this background, the speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga has tasked Bahat the minister of finance to clarify the matter to the nation.

However the legislators were not contented with the minister's explanation and the vowed that as a nation, they will not accept to remain in the dark about this matter.

Eventually, minister Bahati requested for more time to clarify the matter, he appealed to the speaker for a timespan of up to Tuesday to put everything together.

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