Saturday, October 19, 2019
Bududa Landslides and Floods Digs Deep Into Business Men Pockets

Bushigayi market is one of the biggest in Bugisu region located in Bududa-Bugisgayi town council the market attracts traders from all over Bugisu sub-region and across the Kenya border, it is famous for its good yellow bananas  'bogoya' and cattle.

At a glance, all seems well and business thriving at its pick, little did we know that traders are suffering, according to Zama Moses a cattle trader the landslides in Bududa business has declined as customers refrain from the market in fear of being swept by the landslides.

Zama added on that he came with 10 cows in the market but by 1 pm he had not sold any and had lost hopes of selling even one cow and yet he wanted to pay fees for his kids, and that the price of the cow has gone down from around 1 million to Shs800000.

According to Loner, Esther and other vendors in the yellow bananas or Bogoya business has been adversely affected, as they highlighted that customer do not come because of the bad roads and the landslides.

Other traders could not crossover with their cattle to the market because the overflowing rivers and there is only one option to access the market and buy cows. These cattle dealers say business is at a standstill and appealed for the government intervention.

Mutiny Richard the levy officer, informed that many people are no longer coming to buy things in this market because of the unfortunate news of landslides and floods destroying people & people in Bududa.

He added says that tax revenue has reduced from Shs1.2million to Shs900000 only, something he says has an adverse effect on business.


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