Saturday, October 19, 2019
Nalukolongo Railway Market Vendors Protest over Tender Matters

Nalukolongo market vendors operating near the railway woke up to a protest, opposing some of their leaders who have connived with the man contesting for the market tender.

This saga came about due to the vendors who are against anyone obtaining a tender for their market, as they assured that the land on which the market sits belongs to the Uganda railway to which they ready to pay ground rent.

In the same way, one of the leaders survived being lynched by the angry mob when he tried to call off the demonstration.

Whilst the police arrived hurriedly to naturalize the protest in order to safeguard the residents’ lives and property.

Lugambwa Rashidi the market chairperson notified that all the protestors have nothing to do with the market though he admitted the fact that market tender was given to one of the traders to levy.

However, Kasule Nassar who is accused of unlawful market tender acquisition narrated that all this is fueled by envy that sprouts from members who contested for the tender alongside him and lost the battle.

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