Thursday, August 22, 2019
Pr. Bujjingo Appreciates Believers For The Great Love

The working of the power of God increases every day that passes at Canaan land as the enormous number of people swarmed the place of worship to attend the end of July overnight prayer at HPMI.

The place was packed to the extent of people lacking space to move afoot, and about 480 people turned their lives to Jesus Christ during the service.

During the same service, pr. Aloysius Bujjingo unveiled a new sermon series of ‘ekisa’ or the grace that ushered believers into the new month.

The pr. urged the believers to be prepared for the grace of the almighty God and to be content with the grace of God in their work.

He further appreciated the believers for the continual love towards and appealed to them to pray and to fast so that they can be delivered form all sorts of bondage.

In the same way, the pastor declared the salt media arrangements to launch on DSTV.

The Pastor scorned all that is fueling the gossip with intentions of the gospel; he affirmed that God fights his battles.

Out of excitement believer poured lots of money to the pastor amidst preaching appreciating him for the good words and message that has seen them grow to maturity.

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