Friday, July 19, 2019
Forget The Past & Let Go of Useless Friends To Succeed, Pr. Bujjingo Urged Believers

In his message to the believers, pastor Bujjingo urged them to learn to forget the past in order to succeed in life. Many people ignorantly curse their lives and on top of that trust friends instead of God, which has jeopardized progress.

In the same service pastor, Bujjingo discouraged the believers to avoid moving around looking for prophets because they themselves are prophets of their lives in position to prophesy thing and they come to pass.

The pastor went on to admonish the congregation to let go of unworthy s to create room for constructive ones.

In the same way, the pastor declared that there will a powerful & an anointed overnight prayer service this Friday at HPMI church.

The pastor updated that the Mubende mast setup project is complete; therefore the Mubende based salt FM station signal is now very clear.

The monthly 14-day fast at HPMI will be starting next week, declared pr. Bujingo.


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