Sunday, October 13, 2019
Pr. Bujjingo Cautions God’s Ministers Over Miss leading Others

It was all Joy and worship at HPMI during the service at Canaan land as pr. Bujjingo thanked God plus believers who have stood with him as went through turmoil, went ahead to sing a song ‘ampisizaawo’ by Judith Babirye for them.

Many believers were filled with bliss and tears of joy for seeing pr. Bujjingo still alive.

The Pastor thanked all those who stood with him and prayed for everyone writing against him for God to use them more than he has used him.

Pr. Bujjingo had a message for ministers who fell from the ministry and went back from service.

“Ministers be careful about this matter, God forbade us to say anything about them. If you know that your works are chasing people from God’s kingdom, He says vengeance is mine; He won’t let you enter it. In whatever actions you do and words you say accept to be called fools, leave the matter to God.

“Many have started to forge statements that I have something powerful causing people to stick with me, but the only secrete I have is the big God” pr. Bujjingo affirmed.

He declared the Monday service full of anointing for live matters where God well usher them into the new season of ‘kujooga’.

During the Monday service, there will be children’s dedication to God and it will be live on salt TV and radio.

Pr. Bujjingo said all this during prayers at HPMI church Canaan land at Makerere Kikon


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