Thursday, June 20, 2019
Masses Flock in From Neighboring Countries To Catch The Overnight At HPMI

Few hours to the historic overnight that is going to be at HPMI Makerere Kikoni, believers started yesterday to book places and several coming from long distance sought out nearby guesthouses so that they reach on time.

This overnight will be summarizing the sermon series of the chapter at Canaan land. During the lunch hour service on Thursday pr. Aloysius Bujingo assured the masses that they will be elevated to chapter two.

“Chapter 2 will be for hardliners, you will get into it with God. You may not have people on your side but ensure that you have God. Whenever you have God on your side it’s a matter of time, God is going to erode away all those who don’t believe in you, then those who believe in you and supportive to your dreams will set in, though those against your dreams will always be there,” said pr. Bujjingo

The pastor revealed to the believers that the most profitable venture that people have ignored is agriculture. He further advised those with a substantial piece of land to invest in rentals since it guarantees a monthly income. The pastor noted that even though the sermon series chapter two is ending today, he would bring it again in another season for the good of the believers. Advised people as they strive for the next level; to work for the afterlife instead of being overtaken by earthly things. Today’s life-transforming over overnight prayer will be summarizing chapter 2 sermons, many people from various neighbouring countries have already started coming in such as Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania.

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